Kuhler Funeral Home

A family is a legacy of love, a love that lasts forever.

To Sign a Register Book

To send a message to us for an online register book on our website, the process is quite simple.  Just send an email with your message to:  kuhlerfh@midconetwork.com  Please type the name of the register book in the subject line of your email, such as “Jane Doe Register Book”, for example. When your message is received, it will be posted in the appropriate register book on our website.    You will receive an email reply when your message has been viewed and posted on our website. 

If you would like your condolence message to be private, and prefer that it NOT be posted on our website, just add “FOR FAMILY ONLY” in your subject line and we will just forward it on to the family, and NOT post it in the online register book.